Suzuki cello lessons for toddlers

Cello Lessons for Kids & Class Info


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Individual Cello Lessons for Kids & Toddlers

Suzuki music lessons take place at my home in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.  Each student in my studio receives a weekly lesson at their pre-arranged time. At the lesson, we cover the assigned material from the previous week that will consist of pieces, exercises, scales, note reading, theory and ensemble music. I will then assign new material for the next week to be practiced at home. Assignments will be clear and specific, which valuable to the student and parent in helping ensure success. The parent or adult attends every lesson, is expected to take detailed notes, and is the "home teacher" as they practice with the child daily. The length of the lesson depends on the student's age and level of advancement, varying from 30 to 50 minutes. As a student advances, their lesson time may also increase. Please let me know if you wish to observe an individual lesson, and I will be more than happy to help you make arrangements. 

Group Cello Lessons for Kids 

Group lessons take place on Monday afternoons at the Amazing Grace Spiritual Center in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Group lessons are an integral part of the Suzuki Method and my pedagogical philosophy. Students receive either weekly or bi-monthly group lessons. In group lessons, students play and perform repertoire (with a piano accompanist) either as a class or individually. Students also develop and learn about cello technique, study music theory, and practice note reading. Group lessons serve as a motivator for students and help develop their self-confidence. They also serve as one of the main venues for early ear training. Most importantly, group lessons are FUN! Parents are expected to be at the group lessons and siblings are more than welcome to attend. Beginner classes go from 4:00-4:50 and advanced classes from 4:50-5:45. Please let me know if you wish to observe a group lesson, and I will be more than happy to help you make arrangements. 

Cello Ensemble Rehearsals in Seattle

Ensemble rehearsals take place at the Amazing Grace Spiritual Center on Mondays from 4:50-5:45, alternating with group lessons. Ensemble playing, or "cello choirs", enhance reading ability, develop ensemble skills, foster friendships, provide motivation, improve the ear training, and--most importantly--make cello playing fun! My student ensembles give many performances in the area throughout the year including local Farmer's Markets, Northgate Mall during the holidays and the Folklife Music Festival. We often learn music that is more popular or "current" (outside of the standard Suzuki repertoire) which can be highly motivating to the student. Further, playing and performing music with peers in fun and exciting venues is a great way to maintain interest and enthusiasm. My most advanced student ensemble is called the Seattle Cello eXperiment