Seattle Suzuki music lessons

Tuition for Cello Instruction

Fall and Spring Tuition Rates

Tuition covers a maximum of 36 private lessons. Group Lessons are included in tuition.

Lesson LengthMonthly Cost
September-May, no June collection
30 minutes $212
40 minutes $249
50 minutes $292

Summer Tuition Rates

No Group Lessons are offered during the summer.

Lesson LengthPer Lesson Amount
30 minutes $46
40 minutes $55
50 minutes $65
  • Tuition ensures the holding of a lesson slot for your child for 36 weeks. Included also are weekly or bi-weekly group lessons, ensemble rehearsals if applicable, two recitals and one concert per year, accompanist fees and concert and classroom rental costs. Tuition is based on student's lesson length, not the number of individual or group lessons received.
  • Tuition may be paid monthly or in larger increments.
  • Students may enroll mid-year and tuition will adjust accordingly.
  • Payment must be cash or check.
  • Tuition is due by the first lesson of the month and no later than the 7th of each month, and I reserve the right to charge a $15 late fee if tuition is received late.

Music Studio Dates 2017-18

Lessons are offered for 38 weeks during the academic year, and students receive a maximum of 36 lessons. The final two weeks are supplemental weeks for the purpose of make-up lessons, which are offered on an "as needed" basis.

Lessons begin: 9/7
Lessons end: 6/25

Break Weeks

Halloween: 10/31
Thanksgiving Break: 11/23-11/26
Winter Break: 12/17-1/1
Spring Break: 4/8-4/15

Supplemental Weeks


Summer Lessons 2018

Begin after 6/26.  Exact dates TBD.